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42 Years of Republican State Representation in the 47th District – So Little Progress

What have our representatives been doing?  for how long?

I grew up in Kansas City Kansas.  Bonner Springs was considered the boonies, Tonganoxie might as well be on the other side of the Planet.   There was no 635 or 435 and when I got back to Kansas twenty years later, 435 had 6 lanes and Nobody was using the highway.   A lot of people thought it was a big mistake.  Twenty five years later, It is a packed highway with traffic all day and night especially truck traffic bypassing Kansas City.  Business are now flocking to the area and Olathe is one of the biggest ‘cities’ in the area.  Tonganoxie became a much larger town since highway 40 became 4 lanes and 65 miles an hour.   This is Progress for Kansas.

The person we most have to thank for this is Bob Dole.   He got the federal funds for those roads and he worked hard to improve Kansas.

Twenty five years ago, I moved from Illinois to Valley Falls in Jefferson county.  US 59 was already completed as well as K4.  Kansas highway 16 was resurfaced but no real improvement was done.   And not much has been done since.   We (in Jefferson county) seem to be stuck with no ‘Progress’ for at least 25 years.

It is hard to get to Lawrence since we have to use the winding and dangerous 24 highway or go over the bridge at LeCompton.  To get to Topeka, we have to use K4 which is again a dangerous highway.  Sixty five miles an hour with residential driveways on the road.  We deserve better than this.

The Oakland expressway stops at 24 highway.  Why?

The reason I keep hearing is that there is no money.  But they can spend millions on the I35 in Johnson County.  A free expressway all the way to Emporia.

We have had a Republican Representative in the 47th district for 42 years and Republican Senators in Washington also for years.   I guess Jefferson County just doesn’t matter.   Good and safe roads (as well as good schools) is what brings Progress.

Time for a change. Vote change  in November.


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