Swamp at Kansas Dept of Revenue

The decisions I make — the negotiation whether that was a good decision or a bad decision — is going to be between me and my boss. Not between me and the public, because I wasn’t elected. I was appointed,” Williams said.

Sam Williams is the Kansas Secretary of the Dept. of Revenue and just gave a $53 million contract to CGI Federal to ‘fix’ the department’s IT website AND run the department’s IT services.  The ‘new’ system 6 years late and millions already spent.

And FIRE 56 Kansans employees that worked in that department.

 And awarded the contract 1 day after the Legislature session was over so there would not be any oversight.    Hey, even Republican Senators (and the Democrat Senators) were surprised and upset by this heavy handed use of state funding.

I could go on about the contract but it is Secretary Williams attitude that bothers me the most.  ‘The Public doesn’t matter’ , only my boss (Governor Brownback, who appointed him, now Coyler) matters.

Secretary Williams:

Gets an ‘A’ for Honesty–F’ for Accountability (we pay your salary, not the Governor) — ‘F’  for Transparency (Even Laura Kelly (on the Budget committee) had trouble getting a copy of that Contract)– “F” for Customer relations.

We need a new Governor and FIRE Mr. Williams.   Sounds like a deep swamp to me.

Vote Democratic for Governor.

(more about the CGI contract in a later post)



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