Kobach: the Brownback Experiment on Steroids

Just why was Brownback so unpopular?  

Was it that he just about bankrupted the state?

Was it that he raised taxes on the working and middle class while Not just cutting taxes on business but ELIMINATING their state taxes altogether.

Was it that he did not use the federal money available to help lower income people with their Medical Insurance bills.

Was it that he took money for infrastructure (Roads and bridges) to help balance his ‘experiment’.

Or was it that he did not properly fund Education and a Judge had to step in and restore the proper funding for our children.

Were we all just ‘lab rats’ for his experiment? That’s how I feel about it.

Kobach has already said he would go right back to the ‘experiment’.  That the ‘experiment’ did not have enough “Time” to work.

I read Brownback’s 2019 State Budget Proposal and 95.4 % of the State’s general Fund would have been paid for by the working and middle class while the business owners would have paid 4.6 %.  Even the Republican controlled House and Senate voted to backtrack and restore the taxes on business before the State could not pay the bills.

Never, I mean Never has there be a clearer choice for Governor.

Kobach and the return to the Experiment

or Laura Kelly and sensible government policy.   

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