70th Jefferson County 4-H Parade

70th Jefferson County 4-H Parade

A new look for the float for this parade.  The full sized flags and larger bunting looked good while the canopy helped keep the riders cool.  Balloons were

courtesy of George Hanna, our candidate for District 47 Representative.

The parade was one of the longest in it’s history and one account had it passing for a full hour and a half.

We had a great turn out of Democrats  to help with the float and to ride.  Photo below shows most of them.  I think that’s MJ in front watching a bug.  Marci is in the front row in the white top with the white hair (like most of the rest of us).  George Hanna and his campaign managers are in the dark Hanna t-shirts. Josh Svaty and Ron Barrett were taking  pictures.

Many thanks to all who pitched in.

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