11/9 Central Committee Meeting

Jefferson county Democrats had their monthly meeting last night. ( 11/09/2018) A couple of things made an impression on me. The most salient for me was the idea that for us to expect different results from those seen in the 2018 midterm election, that is to have more Democrats elected to statewide positions, we we need to start doing something that is different.

Doing something different to my mind, and if I heard folks at the meeting correctly, involves some basic structural changes. First is connecting with young people in the county and convincing them that the Democratic Party has a future in Kansas. Then we need to start building a functional database that campaigns can use to effectively campaign in the county. We need to utilize electronic media via text messaging and social media much more that we have in the past.

George Hanna: Campaigning in 2018 is not the same as campaigning in 1980.

Joy Mestagh: We need to start talking to our county Democrats as Democrats, not as centrist Democrats or right wing Democrats.

I would really like to hear from readers what they think of these ideas and hear any thoughts about how these changes might be brought about. Use the comments section.

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